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Failure manifestation of SKF Bearing.

15/5/2019 - Whether SKF bearings are in high speed or vulgar rotary motion, some problems will arise when they are used for a period of time. So, what are the common manifestations of these failures? How did they come about?

I. Generation of Regular Noise

When the bearings are running, there are sometimes regular sounds. We usually make them regular sounds. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

1. The existence of particulate matter and oil contamination on the raceway surface of bearings results in local stress on the surface of bearings in operation, which leads to wear and tear, thus causing noise. To this end, we need to do a good job of bearing cleaning and lubrication.

2. Metal spalling occurs on raceway surface and other parts. The solution to this problem is to replace SKF bearings in time.

2. Abnormal Bearing Temperature

1. The amount of lubricant used is inappropriate. Whether too much lubricant or too little lubricant is used, the friction heat of bearing contact surface will increase, resulting in abnormal rise of operating temperature. Therefore, we should use lubricants reasonably.

2. Small clearance or improper sealing between bearing components will also cause temperature rise. In this regard, besides adjusting the bearing matching quantity, it is necessary to improve its sealing state.

3. The Appearance of Metal Strong Sound in Operation

In addition to regular noise and irregular noise, there is also the occurrence of strong metal tones. The causes of this problem include:

1. The assembly level of SKF Bearing components is poor. On the premise of high processing accuracy of bearing components, the assembly quality and assembly quality of bearing components are also required. The way to deal with this problem is to improve the assembly level and assembly level of bearing components.

2. Working under abnormal load for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate clearance size and apply appropriate pre-tightening force.

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